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  1. Mary Ann Nichols
  2. The Luggage Train
  3. The Murder of Polly Nichols
  4. Forums Brainstorming-Polly Nichols
  5. Was Polly`s killer interrupted?
  6. Nichols Mentioned In Lodging House Article
  7. Nichols Inquest In Morning Post (Sept.24,1888)
  8. Polly Nichols in Trafalgar Square
  9. Another murder on 31 August???
  10. Letter from Nichols' husband to the Press
  11. Discovering the body
  12. 'Echo', 1st September 1888
  13. Mrs. Nichols Describes Her Murderer
  14. RIP Mary Ann 31 August
  15. The Murder of Polly Nichols
  16. Nichols Theorized To Have Been Killed Indoors
  17. Is anything known about "John James"?
  18. Daily Telegraph Report:
  19. The Spirit Of Mrs. Nichols Returned To Earth
  20. Un Tueur De Femmes
  21. Polly by Gaslight - street lighting in Bucks Row
  22. Shields Daily Gazette
  23. New Mary Ann Nichols family information
  24. Was Polly Killed at an Earlier Time than Stated?
  25. Identity of the 'Seafaring Man' Suspect
  26. Was Nichols alive or dead when examined by Cross and Paul
  27. The Stable Yard Gate
  28. Trafalgar Square/Mary Ann Nichols : Source Needed
  29. A Confessor In Relation To The Nichols Murder ?
  30. Nichols Murder In The Cornishman
  31. A Curious Story About William Nichols
  32. A Note About Polly's Bonnet
  33. Identifying a Polly Nichols Witness
  34. Why two cuts inflicted on Mary Ann's throat?
  35. WHITECHAPELESE: Case of Mary Ann 'Polly' Nichols
  36. Why was Llewellyn recalled?
  37. Mary Ann possibly giving her rings to her son
  38. Christmas 1887 and Royal Pardon
  39. Buck's Row was previously Ducking Pond Row
  40. R.I.P. Mary Ann Nichols
  41. Mutilation : Pre Or Post Throat Cut?
  42. Which route did the Ripper take out of Bucks Row ?
  43. That time again ...
  44. Wood's Buildings
  45. Where Mary Ann Nichols lived before Whitechapel
  46. Another With Knowledge Of The Murder ?
  47. Did PC Jonas Mizen and Walter B. Purkis know each other?