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  1. Georgina Smith & Rosina Lydia Smith
  2. The Torso In The Observer
  3. Drawing of finding the Pinchin Street torso
  4. "The Ninth Victim"
  5. A Curious Dream
  6. Murder Morning In Whitechapel
  7. Crowd Of 50 Drunken Lazy Sluts
  8. Identity Crisis
  9. Jack The Ripper Redivivus
  10. The Torso In The Herald
  11. A Considerable Odor
  12. Charles Lechmere and the Pinchin Street torso
  13. The Pinchin Street Torso In The Sheffield Independent
  14. A Mother's Complaint-- Mrs. Georgeianna Smith
  15. Pinchin Street Torso In The Aberdeen Weekly Journal
  16. "The Worst In The Series"- Birmingham Daily Post
  17. Under The Arch
  18. Medical Student Prank
  19. The Torso In The Cambridge Independent Press
  20. Is It A Hoax ?
  21. Jack the Ripper Once More Plies His Knife
  22. Lydia Hart : Pinchin Street Torso Victim ?
  23. Not Lose Sight of the man
  24. In The Echo : The Pinchin Street Torso
  25. The John Cleary Story & Nathaniel Hawthorne
  26. 21, Whitehorse Yard (The mystery of Dennis Lynch)
  27. Why leave the arms?
  28. The Pinchin Street Victim Supposedly Identified