View Full Version : Leo Frank,Krafft-Ebing, & Jack The Ripper

Howard Brown
September 19th, 2010, 12:47 PM
Interesting article mentioning Krafft-Ebing and the "unusual intellectual characteristics" of the Ripper,which the reporter matter of factly states was identified.
I guess we can all go home now,eh ?

December 13,1915

Stan Reid
September 19th, 2010, 05:15 PM
Frank was lynched shortly after this. Some think Conley actually did it, based on only one person's say-so, but I'm not so sure. The court was enthralled by Conley who, although poorly educated, seemed some sort of natural genius. Whites were amazed that a "Negro" could be so well spoken even though he used the lower class dialect. I expect he played this up a bit in order to, wisely, not show them up too much. Either could have been charged but apparently they liked a northern Jew even less than a local black. I say the above not as a knock on white Southerners who were probably about the same mix of good and bad as any other group.