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Paul Kearney A.K.A. NEMO
January 22nd, 2010, 06:42 PM
I came across this earlier

I never noticed the negro /half-caste witness before

Interestingly, he relates a sighting of Annie Chapman arguing with two men

One leaves and the other kills?


If two men were together searching for a good time in the East End, one or both being killers, then this may be reflected in the stories of the two soldiers and Tabram, BS man and pipeman & Stride, Blotchy and Hutchinson & Kelly

Remember Peter Sutcliffe took a friend along on some occasions when he went off with a prostitute, only to attack her

Paul Kearney A.K.A. NEMO
January 22nd, 2010, 07:25 PM
I'll post some of the report here, as it also refers to Pizer appearing on an ID parade

During the day the police were put in possession of facts which apparently justified them in detaining Piser upon suspicion. It has transpired that a man, whose name is not forthcoming, but who is described as middle-aged, with the look of a negro or half-cast, saw the deceased woman in Hanbury-street, early on the morning of Saturday last, the day of her death. She was with two men who had not been traced.

They appeared to be quarrelling, and the men threatened the woman. Such a circumstance as this, in the rough district around Spitalfields Market, is not an uncommon occurrence.

The police, however, determined to act upon this faint clue; and an indication of their intention was afforded to some of the public by the fact that they called into Leman-street Police-station a number of passers-by. In the system of identification pursued by metropolitan detectives it is usual to place the suspect in the company of some twenty other men, and the witness is then brought into their presence and is required to pick out the one he may be able to recognise. In this instance the witness unhesitatingly pointed to John Piser as he stood among a score of other men, and he is understood to have exclaimed, "What, you know me?" and protested that the man was mistaken. Piser was, however, put back into the cells, and the next step will be to ascertain whether the witness can identify the deceased, whose body remains at the mortuary in Montague-street, as the woman whom he believes he noticed in the prisoner's company on Saturday last.

Should the evidence of identification be carried to this point it is possible the police may feel justified in taking Piser before a magistrate on suspicion of being concerned in the murder.

The authorities do not express much confidence in their ability to establish a case against Piser. The present clue is based upon the assumption that the murderer had an accomplice, or that at any rate another man is aware he was in the company of the murdered woman within a short period of the commission of the crime.