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Thanks for the wealth of information Anna! Much appreciated! Some of my internet searches on quicklime and the torsos would probably raise a lot of eyebrows and suspicions if looked over! I would certainly be suspicious to see such a search history! So your answers give me a much more narrow field of research to look at.

I also do not feel that JtR and the Torso Mysteries were committed by the same person. The Torso mystery person seemed incredibly cautious and planned, with great difficulty taken in making the identification of body and method of death virtually impossible. I'm starting to wonder if the great care taken in preventing identification of the torsos and the fact that no one appears to have witnessed anything relating to a dumping suggests that the torso mystery person could have been linked to the victims - or knew them such that an investigation of the women may have revealed a common associate so the fact that Elizabeth Jackson was identified is important. I hazard a guess identification was probably unexpected to whoever dismembered and dumped her. But equally so, they all could have been random.

You make a very good point about the people of the time having a basic knowledge of carcasses. I live in a big city but my grandmother taught me an awful lot of the preparation of food for the dinner table - and she also lived in big cities. So I do believe that a good number of people would have had the basic knowledge to be capable of the crime. Although disarticulation is a more difficult thing and a little more skill may have been required...or practise makes perfect.

And I like the idea that JtR was angry at Polly and then turned his attention towards something he had wanted to do. Something appeared to have sparked an escalation in his focus on women's abdomens.

I have a lot of old texts that arrived on my doorstep yesterday so I have a delightful weekend of reading ahead of me. And if nothing else, I shall be checking all old bibles I come across for forgotten letters...aka the recently discovered potentially genuine HH Holmes letter
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