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Originally Posted by Steve Blomer View Post
One point I think I need to clarify is the use of the word ritual. You have explained this is as in pattern rather than some religious sense.
While it is clear the various tissues are placed about the body and in Kelly some are on on the bed and as you say under the head while others are on the table; I see no evidence of objective.

To me ritual implies predetermination, It is all carefully thought out .
I see no evidence for this and instead see a killer "playing" impromptu so to speak.
Perhaps you evidence when published may well change my mind. Time will tell.

I am indeed not speaking about any religious ritual, Steve. And the ritualistic behaviour I have in mind could be expressed in many ways - if the liver had not been found between the feet of Kelly but instead by the side of her thorax, I would have been equally inclined to recognize the kind of ritual I am speaking of.
However, if the limbs of the 1873 victim had been sawed off at the knees and elbows and disarticulated at the hip and the shoulder, instead of the other way around, that would break up the pattern.

If I make no sense at all, I can understand that... but the sense is there, I promise.
"In these matters it is the little things that tell the tales" - Coroner Wynne Baxter during the Nichols inquest.
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