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Default Mrs. Buki, Mrs. Carthy

I am not sure I can explain what I am thinking. I am pondering whether Mrs. Buki/Boeku and Mrs. Carthy are the same women. If they are not, I wonder if Mrs. Carthy was a Morgenstern wife and the reason she hasn't exactly been located is because her husband/partner at the time was a Morgenstern, not a Mr. (Mc)Carthy.

Some of my pondering has to do with geography but I am the WORST one to try to understand or explain that. To me the East End streets resemble a rabbit warren. That said, Mary Kelly's life in the vicinity of the Ratcliff Highway, according to Mrs. Felix and Mrs. Carthy, began in a thoroughfare off the highway. 'Thanet Advertiser'. 17/11/88 said, "From St. Georges Street she went to lodge with Mrs. Carthy at Breezers Hill, Pennington Street."

From the various sources, including Barnett, we believe Mary lived in this area with a Mrs. Buki, a man named Morgenstern and a Mrs. Carthy. (Let's not go into the man in the building trade.)

The Sheldens seem to have found the elusive Mrs. Buki, identifying her as Mrs. Boeku which was the maiden name of Johannes Morgenstern's wife, as I understand it. In a recent Casebook thread (If Mary Kelly really WAS a prostitute, post #106), it says: Breezers Hill had four houses, #4 nearest St. George Street, #1 adjacent to 79 Pennington Street. Johannes Morgenstern used the address 79 Pennington Street as found on school registrations for his kids.

Mrs. Felix, Adrianus Morgenstern's wife, said Mary went to live with her sister-in-law Mrs. Carthy at "Breezers Hill, Pennington Street." That describes 79 Pennington Street, does it not?

This is about the time someone will say there was another Morgenstern in the area, in addition to Adrianus and Johannes. There was a Maran Morgenstern I have tried to trace in the records. I could never see that he was married. Could Mrs. Buki have been his wife or ended up living with him? What were his addresses at the time?

Mrs. Felix called Mrs. Carthy sister-in-law. The press coverage of Mrs. Buki doesn't seem to be attributed to a source. As we know she was never interviewed, located, etc. We don't seem to have any direct knowledge from Felix or Carthy about Mrs. Buki. If she was a Morgenstern wife, could we expect Mrs. Felix to call her sister-in-law? What little we have on Mrs. Buki must come from Felix and Carthy.

What I see as possible importance here is an answer to who was Mrs. Carthy? The Mary McCarthy who had unfortunates on the census in 1891 has not seemed to fit the story. Then there are questions about John McCarthy, 13 Millers Court landlord, having a special connexion with Mary, that he let her go very much in debt. Did any of John's relatives live with/marry a Morgenstern? Perhaps a Johannes Morgenstern?

Was Buki/Boeku a name that Mrs. Carthy used for business, as a landlady or otherwise? Mrs. Buki helped retrieve Mary's "costly dresses". Perhaps not since the story seems to run that Mary drank so much that Mrs. Buki kicked her out. From there she went to Mrs. Carthy. If this was all in one family, why would another branch of the family take her in if her record was bad?

We get the idea Mary lived "with" Mrs. Buki but perhaps Buki was a landlord for a property where Mary rented a room? There are all sorts of possibilities.

Is Mary's story mixed up? Am I even making sense here?
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