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Thanks for posting that. I bought the Sheldens book in E format and somehow lost it, so the details are a bit vague.

This may help with the geography. Breezer's Hill ran (runs) between Pennington Street (south) and the Ratcliffe Highway, which in the 1880s was called St George Street (north).

79 PS is shown here as a pub (PH).

I don't think 'Breezer's Hill, Pennington Street' necessarily means on the corner of the two streets, it follows the common practice of adding the name of a larger, better known street to that of a small street to make it more easily identifiable, just as you might say Dorset Street, Commercial Street or George Yard, Whitechapel High Street.

I'm revisiting BH at the moment, trying to get a handle on whether any of the houses has a stronger claim to having been a brothel in the mid-1880s than the others. I suspect that at one time or another between, say, 1881 and 1911, they all were houses of ill repute and that there was a significant turnover of occupants.

If what I come up with has any value, I'll start a new thread for it. It might get buried in The Ratcliffe Highway one (which probably has tumbleweed blowing through it these days).


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