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Originally Posted by Beth Bennett View Post
They haven't so far, except for throwing in shots of JtR's hands pulling out bloody body parts. They have shown that several times in the second episode. They did have great, albeit too short, interviews with experts on JtR.

Edited to add: They depict Jack attacking Mary Nichols, whom they say was definitely the first Whitechapel murder (Otherwise, the timing would have been off for Holmes to be JtR). They also did the same for the second through the fourth women murdered. In these depictions, I actually laughed, because the prostitutes are dressed in really nice Victorian dresses, with lots of nice pearl jewelry, etc. It was so off in the way they would have dressed. One even had beautiful fitted leather gloves that matched her outfit.
I haven't seen the program but love your comment, Beth.

I noted the upcoming Ripper conference encourages some people to dress in costume and as an artist who works with fabrics I got to thinking how a person would dress to look like one of the C-5 victims. The proper colors would be black, black, grey, brown... The end result would look like a ragged street person in long skirts.

It is always humorous when JtR's victims are depicted in nicely tailored red velvet jackets or wild west saloon girl attire and with dyed ostrich feathers in their bonnets. There are some needs in filming so I understand the use of color but in reality Jack's victims must have fairly well blended into their grimy, nighttime street environments.
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