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Originally Posted by Anna Morris View Post
Fascinating! I think the killer(s) in all the murders were capable of escaping through or into houses.
Personally I have my sights on three possibilities.

1) Alice was murdered on the doorstep of David King and Sons. I have a thread already on this, but Franklin King, his son and partner, could have easily stepped into his shop after the murder. After all, his former residence was accessed by the gate where Catherine Eddowes was murdered.

2) Walter Andrews. Slay me if you like, but the evidence doesn't leave much room.

3) Isaac Lewis Jacobs. Fetching pickles and cheese for his brother at 12:50 a.m.? And throwing the name of John McCarthy around? Was he really headed to Dorset Street for a meal, or was he giving Big John an alibi? Why even mention that he was specifically headed to McCarthy's? Why not just say he was headed around the corner for a snack? Or, did he just finish cleaning up the blood on his hands at his nearby residence in Newcastle Street and was using McCarthy's as an excuse to be out and about?
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