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Leather Apron Leather Apron The character whose proverbial balloon was popped by the arrival of Jack The Ripper....this is his Forum

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Howard Brown
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Default Last Reported 'Leather Apron' Assault ?

This assault occurred on September 26th....it might be the last of the reported Leather Apron scares before you know who stole the headlines.

Newry, in Northern Ireland, is halfway between Belfast and Dublin.

Londonderry Sentinel
September 29, 1888
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Rick Cobb
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Do you reckon this article is related to this , only 2 weeks later.

The Star 12 Oct. 1888 reported:

An Arrest in Belfast.
Shortly before twelve o’clock last night a man, who gives his name as John Foster, was arrested in Belfast on suspicion. The prisoner, who was found lodging at the house of Samuel Beatty, Memel-street, had in his possession a bag containing a large knife and three razors. One of the latter bears marks of blood. The man is about 30 years of age, 5ft. 8in. or 9in. high, of slight build, and fair complexion, and is shabbily dressed. He had also close upon 20.

On 13 Oct. 1888 the Star continued:

The Man with the Knives at Belfast.
The Belfast Evening Telegraph, which received a “Jack the Ripper” letter before the arrest of the man Foster, gives this description of the prisoner as he appeared in the dock. He did not bear that low-class criminal appearance which might be supposed to characterise a murderer. He had quite a tradesman-like aspect. He has flaxen hair, crispy and hedgehog-like, ruddy complexion, and short-cut sandy moustache, his hands being somewhat bronzed and not too clean. His ears project, and might be described as somewhat “cocked,” while his eyes – his most characteristic trait – appear to look somewhat outwards. He has a wrinkled brow, and his head, which he slightly inclined to the right while he was standing in the dock, is remarkable for length rather than breadth or height. He was attired in a black frock coat and black vest, and his shirt, several inches of which could be seen, was of much the same color. He wore a dickey and a large black breast tie. His white turned-down collar has apparently a spot of blood, but this might be the result of a mishap in shaving, and stress need not be laid upon it. He was not particularly anxious-looking as he leaned on the front rail of the dock with his arms folded during the progress of the trial. It may be added that the prisoner speaks with an English accent.
The man was apprehended at 11, Memel-street, on the strength of “information received.” He was in bed when the police made their visit. He gave the name of William John Foster, and said he came from Greenock, at which place he stopped two days, he couldn’t say with whom. Previously, he said, he had been four days at Glasgow, and that he had been in Edinburgh, but didn’t know how long. The police found in his possession a large clasp knife, a table-knife, a chisel, a small knife, and some watchmaker’s tools. There was a bag into which these things could be put. Foster said he was a watchmaker by trade, but didn’t work as he had an income from his father, a brewer in London. In his pockets were found a watch and chain and a piece of a lady’s necklace.

The Daily Telegraph, 13 Oct. 1888 reported the same story as follows:

At the Belfast Police-court, yesterday, John Foster was brought up on suspicion of being concerned in the Whitechapel murder. - Constable Carland deposed: From information I received I proceeded to No. 11, Memel-street. The prisoner was not there when I went first, but I went back about half an hour afterwards and then found him in. I went upstairs to the room he occupied, and rapped at the door. The prisoner said, “Come in.” I went in, and found him in bed. I asked his name, where he had come from, and how long he had been in Belfast. He gave the name of William John Foster, and said he had no fixed address. He arrived in town on Sunday from Greenock, where he had spent two days, but he could not say where he stopped. Previous to that he was in Glasgow for four days, and before that in Edinburgh. He did not know how long he was there, nor did he know anyone living there. I found a clasp-knife in his coat pocket, a purse containing 19 4s 5d, and the chisel and handle produced were lying on the table in the bed-room. These, when separated, fit into a bag I found. In the bag were three razors, a table-knife, a small knife, and a number of watchmaking appliances. He said that he was a watchmaker, but that he did nothing at the trade, as he had an income of his own, which he got from his father, who lived in London. Replying to further questions, he said his father was a brewer, but could not give the address. I found the silver watch, and chain, and locket (produced) in his pockets. He said the watch was his own. It bears the monogram “A. M. R.” There was a piece of broken necklet in his coat pocket. The watch is a lever without the maker’s name. I examined the clothes of the prisoner, and found he was wearing boots similar to those worn by military men. - The prisoner was remanded for a week.
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Howard Brown
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Sorry for the slow reply.
It doesn't refer to Foster.
There's a pretty large article on Foster on the site....let me see if I can find it.
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