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33. Other Don't agree with any of the preceding 32? Got your own ideas? Tell us about them in here.

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Originally Posted by Instructor 173 View Post
Killers think and react to what's in front of them. When you do get the chance to talk to them, most of them never blame themselves for anything wrong. Most of them will blame the victims that they've killed. Killers plan, scheme and connive. They will lie in a heartbeat. They will play mindgames. Sorting the truth from the killers' fantasties is a very challenging task. Go talk to a homicide detective from a bigger city or police department. He can tell you things that you would never believe in a million years about killers.
I've known two people charged with (both of them later making plea bargains of guilty to) murder; both of them on a personal level, and before their respective arrests. One, a neighbour, I knew for more than two years before hearing radio news headlines one morning that he had been arrested, had been a fugitive for at least seven years, was wanted for murdering his wife a number of years before, and that the investigation was being handled by the State's Violent Fugitive Task Force and FBI. (It was quite a shock.) I don't know that I'd ever have guessed that he wasn't the person I knew him to be. I received a letter from him shortly after he was incarcerated, which began with, as best I can recall after so many years now, an apology for the shock that learning the truth about him must have been, and for lying to me. He professed considerable remorse for his crime, and said he'd come to terms with the fact that he needed to serve his sentence. We exchanged a few letters, but at the time I didn't really know what to say to him. I wasn't yet as interested in criminology.. so I never did learn any details other than those few mentioned on the news. Our letters were just the average "how we were doing". We eventually lost touch, but I learned a year or so ago that he had been released from jail and was living once again in the same community.

The other guy equally shocked me, if not even more so. I've beaten myself up many times since learning of his murderous rampage, wondering why I didn't see any tell-tale signs, but I've reached the conclusion (from a letter he wrote to me from jail) that he was one of those "time bombs" and any intervention might well have resulted in murder one way or another anyway, and perhaps with more victims. Before the event, certainly in my presence, he was, I suppose, one hell of a con-artist. The letter I received from him, and those that he's written to others, seem to indicate that. His letters consist of blame towards everyone but himself; from the victim, to his ex-girlfriend, to society, to the cat.. resulting in rather a long list. His reasons for committing murder, also quite lengthy, again blame all of the above. He shows no remorse whatsoever in anything he writes. His only regret, he has said, is that he's now stuck in jail. I personally have no desire to hear from him again. Not even to better understand criminology.

Apologies, that last paragraph wasn't the most eloquent. It's still very difficult for me to get my head around.
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