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33. Other Don't agree with any of the preceding 32? Got your own ideas? Tell us about them in here.

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Rescue Dog
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Default A Combination of 3

The motive of the Ripper, as defined in my novel is in fact a combination of 3 of the factors quoted in the first 32 on this thread. To find out which, you will of course have to read the book! (Devilishly fiendish eh?) To make matters more complicated the reasons in the book do not mirror those I believe to be the real motive for the killings. More of that later, perhaps.


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Did you find it difficult to write a novel in which the suspect and motive weren't what you actually think they were? Did any of your real suspicions leak through?

I think it must have been a real exercise in objectivity to do that.
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Brian are your own reasons part of the 33 or not?
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Er, if you have a combination of 3 of the motives or reasons for your own explanation, why isn't this in #31 instead of #33?
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Old March 10th, 2008, 04:58 AM   #5
Rescue Dog
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The reason it's here is probably becuase I was half-asleep, (or half-awake) when I posted it. Apologies, it should have been in #31


As 'A Study in Red' was a novel as opposed to a non-fiction book, I was able to be quite objective about the storyline. By making no reference to my own 'prime suspect' in the fictional account, and by adhering slavishly to the plot line I'd laid out for the book, I was able to concentrate all my mental energy into the fictional account as related in the novel. I actually became acutely wrapped up in the feelings of my central character, Robert Cavendish, to the extent that I often emerged from my office feeling quite drained, simply from being so wrapped up in the fictional events I was portraying. I think it would be true to say that I 'felt' my way all the way through the book.

Best regards to everyone.

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