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33. Other Don't agree with any of the preceding 32? Got your own ideas? Tell us about them in here.

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Sam Flynn
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Originally Posted by How Brown View Post
These records on Cadosch are much appreciated Sam. Thank you. Cadosch claimed to be a postman, but unless I am wrong he was a carpenter or in that field in some form,wasn't he,Sam?
Albert senior was indeed in that field, How - the postman was [Frederick] Albert junior. Frederick and his brother Herbert were born in Bethnal Green to "our" Albert, in 1884 and 1886 respectively. The family moved from Spitalfields to settle in Colchester, Essex, sometime between 1888 and 1890. "Our" Albert Cadosch had three daughters by his wife, Alice, as well as the aforementioned sons.
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Natalie Severn
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I have always had doubts that Mrs Long saw Annie Chapman talking to the ripper.The house was half way up Hanbury Street between Brick Lane and Commercial Street.The ripper would have heard Mrs Long"s approach and would have been unlikely to have stood around being "seen".He would have been more likely to have been waiting in hiding and silent,knife ready.Thats my opinion .
Its also why I dont buy Lawende"s man as the Ripper.The Ripper would have been either stalking or in hiding,not standing with the possibility of being "noticed" by three men in Duke Street or by Inspector Halse who was also heading For Duke Street and Mitre Square.The murder could have been going on while this other "Lawende" couple were sorting a transaction in the opposite corner of the square where Kate had just taken the client she had just met at the corner of Aldgate and Mitre Street.Both spots---Church Passage and Mitre Street/Aldgate were popular spots for "business" deals.
The most curious one is the Berner St one because Schwartz claimed to have seen the broad-shouldered man knock Liz to the ground.Ofcourse this was par for the course for a woman standing outside a club soliciting.The murder could still have been done by someone still hidden and waiting.
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Also, we need to put Albert's and family's info into a thread under Cadosch in the witness section, so it will be there when we need it.
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