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33. Other Don't agree with any of the preceding 32? Got your own ideas? Tell us about them in here.

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Default The London Monster & other tales

One thing about the Ripper that I have believed for a long time is that he was literate and read newspapers, broadsheets and the like and possibly select high brow books

Does anyone think there could be any connection between

A) The "Whipping Tom" attacks in the 1680s (an assailant raised women's skirts, slapped their glutimus maximus and cried "Spanko!" before running away - he was never caught) - yes, what a weirdo - terrorising women everywhere

B) The London Monster who in 1788 onwards stabbed women Cutbush stylie - The attacks caused widespread terror.

...and if so - was Jack a natural progression of an imitative copycat

I don't know that much about the aforementioned cases so I would be grateful if someone could relate more details - especially regarding the London Mosnster attacks.
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