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Frederick Deeming By Popular Demand!

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David Green
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Default Jack Henry on Jack the Ripper

Jack Henry (b. Islington 1893) joined the Metropolitan Police at New Scotland Yard in 1913, becoming, I believe, an original member of the Flying Squad six years later. He left the force in 1938 after a quarter of a century’s service, having risen to the rank of Divisional Detective Inspector. He was credited – usually by himself, it has to be said – with solving every murder mystery handed out to him.

Henry used his real-life detective experiences as the basis for his ‘Barton of the Yard’ radio plays which broadcast on the BBC in the late 1930s. He also wrote a novel, Flannelfoot Phantom Crook (Hutchinson, 1949), which is now extremely rare.

During WWI he was a gunner-observer in the Royal Navy Air Force; and in WW2 he served as a travelling security officer in the Foreign Office.

He wrote two volumes of memoirs, and in the second of them, What Price Crime? (Hutchinson, 1945), he gives us his opinion on the Jack the Ripper murders. He goes for Deeming, although he doesn’t mention him by name, and I thought I’d relay his thinking here:

“Perhaps the most ghoulish murders within living memory were those committed by “Jack the Ripper.” These startled London in 188990 (sic) and created a reign of terror, and no woman was safe to walk abroad after dark without an escort. Each murder was carried out with precise timing in exactly the same manner, and with the skill of a surgeon. This led to the belief that the killer was either a doctor or a medical student. This was never disproved, as the “Ripper” was never caught.

“These murders stopped with the suddenness that they started. But strangely enough, a new series of indentical (sic) crimes shocked Australia. They took place in Melbourne, following the same method of stalking the victim always a woman then, swiftly, and silently despatching her. Again, the killings stopped suddenly and never recurred, and again, the murderer evaded capture.

“In my opinion the “Ripper” of London and Melbourne was one and the same person. It is probable that we shall never know the secret of the killings or the motive behind them, for this remains one of the most perplexing of unsolved crimes”.(p. 17)

Below: Picture of Jack Henry (from What Price Crime?).
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Howard Brown
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Thanks a lot for this interesting tale, David. I've never heard of the man before.
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