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Old March 8th, 2017, 09:25 AM   #16
Christer Holmgren
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Originally Posted by Steve Blomer View Post

Christer and yourself, and many others may well be correct, its just I am not convinced at this point. And accept I am probably in a minority on that.

We (as in those of us studying this, rather than just you and me) will never all agree on things all the time.
Sometimes my view changes 180 degrees on things as I discover something new, or read something that changes my mind. Indeed I did up until say 10 years ago also accept it was all ritual; can't remember what the precise thing or things were that changed my mind, or rather made me question it.

Letīs blame Gareth for it - he has conducted a crusade with the intent to present a take where everything is a mass of sloppy cutting with no aim or intent at all. He wrote a dissertation called "By accident or by design", and I loved it to bits - back then.

Now that I think I have the key, I am much less enthusiastic about it.
"In these matters it is the little things that tell the tales" - Coroner Wynne Baxter during the Nichols inquest.
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