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The Crime Scenes Lacking any forensic sciences as a tool,we're as well off as the contemporary detective was . That won't deter us,as we continue to investigate those scenes of madness....or calculated acts...

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Gary Barnett
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Unfortunately my copy doesn't have the wonderfully llustrated boards:

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Anna Morris
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I think Kate was looking for income, not drink when she left jail. It is a good idea that she may have been thinking about the time when certain clubs may have had customers leaving.

There is a bit of a pattern in Kate's last days. She and John Kelly seem to have been very loyal to each other. Even when they could not stay together they reunited every day. IMO, she failed to get the price of a bed on Saturday night. She was working her way back to John Kelly but had failed to earn enough to share his bed. Maybe she had two or three pennies, enough for a glass of rum or gin and in her under-fed state that was enough to cause her to become very drunk.

If a bed was her biggest need she could have spent the rest of the night in jail. I think her deep loyalty to John impelled her to seek money rather than return to him penniless in the morning. He had no boots. In one of his interviews he said he was barefooted and that would make seeking work even more difficult. Probably the last of the money from pawning the boots had been spent. I think Kate planned to earn at least enough to provide breakfast for her and John and I think she had some likely way to earn or beg for money at that time of the night/morning.

Kate was one who charred for the Jews. I have even wondered if she knew where she could approach a certain Jew that she could ask for work when things were particularly tough.
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Howard Brown
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Hello Debs. Thanks for all this hard work and research.
-Lynn Cates-

Absolutely, LC.....I thought I had added it last month to the Notables, but didn't.
Kudos to Debs.
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