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Howard Brown
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Default Forums Tweets

I'll be adding to this daily....below are the Tweets which I've posted on Twitter since we set up shop there :

Feb 14- Debra Arif & Gary Barnett Catholic Census work
Feb 14- Frances Coles articles
Feb 15- Jerry Dunlop news articles on Annie Chapman
Feb 15- Link to notables
Feb 16- Article about Inspector Thomas Byrnes (NYPD)
Feb 18- Article about Frederick Deeming
Feb 19- Link to Crime Documentaries
Feb 20- Research work into Pearly Poll
Feb 21- Article about Neill Cream
Feb 22- 1891 murder similar to Carrie Brown murder
Feb 23- 'Ripperlike' murder in Fall River, Mass 1893
Feb 24- Material on Hendrik DeJong
Feb 25- More on DeJong
Feb 26- Slums of the World
Feb 27- Eileen Luscombe & Charles Booth's notebooks
Feb 28- Doctored letter & Forbes Winslow
Mar 1- Serial killer loose in Western Europe ( 1898 ) ?
Mar 2- 'Blood Alley' -article on Dorset Street
Mar 3- Jerry Dunlop's article on an 1889 assault
Mar 4- American 'Whitechapels'
Mar 5- 1872 book by Gustave Dore'
Mar 6- Articles on Leather Apron
Mar 7- Notice about upcoming program on History Channel
Mar 8- Notice concerning 2018 American Ripper Convention
Mar 9- Debra Arif's work on Mary Kelly
Mar 10- Peter Damgaard's find- contemporary Whitechapel Murder songs
Mar 11- Murderland Revisited ( Pall Mall Gazette, 1890 )
Mar 12- Cadre of researchers digging into Kelly related material
Mar 13- 1889 article about Francis Tumblety
Mar 14- Gary Barnett & others at work in the SGITE records
Mar 15- Karsten Giese and two articles concerning 1891 German assaults
Mar 16- Kozminski related discussion from a wide number of people
Mar 17- Trip down Wentworth Street in 1908
Mar 18- Martha Biden...4th female Ripper-letter writer nabbed
Mar 19- New York Tribune articles
Mar 20- Belfast News-Letter articles
Mar 21- Penny Illustrated Paper articles
Mar 22- Letters To The Police & Press
Mar 23- St. James Gazette articles
Mar 24- Debra Arif's work on the true name of Albert Bachert/Backert
Mar 25- Cache of threads related to the murder of Carrie Brown in New York City, April 1891
Mar 26- PDF of 1894 Inspector Littlechild autobiography
Mar 27- Eileen Luscombe located a 127 page book on the life of Frederick Deeming
Mar 28- Caricatures from contemporary newspapers, books, and magazines related to the Ripper Murders and the East End.
Mar 29- Articles related to the Pinchin Street Torso
Mar 30- French language articles from Le Petit Parisien
Mar 31- Antecedents of two men relative to the Whitechapel Murders...William Grainger 1895 & James Sadler 1891
Apr 01- Discussion thread established for Tom Wescott's 'Ripper Confidential'.....
Apr 02- Fake News...pertaining to the murders ( 1888-1891 )
Apr 03- Cole Funeral....20,000 attendees
Apr 04- Articles about Emma Smith ( April 3, 1888 )
Apr 05- Articles concerning Richard Mansfield, American actor
Apr 06- Overseas police co-operation between Berlin & London
Apr 07- Kattrup & Nina Brown's research on a Dane who was probably a serial killer
Apr 08- LIFE Magazine articles
Apr 09- The rise of the Cosmopolitan Criminal ( 1892 )
Apr 10- Major Arthur Griffiths
Apr 11- Was Jack the Ripper a Slaughterman? Human-Animal Violence and Jack The Ripper
Apr 12- Albert Backert
Apr 13- 'Joe Palooka' comic series from 1934. Joe goes to Whitechapel
Apr 14- Wanted : An Efficient Detective Force ( October 1888...South London Press )
Apr 15- 5 Questions With
Apr 16- Phenomenon of Jack The Ripper
Apr 17- No Entry
Apr 18- No Entry
Apr 19- The Men Who Would Be Ripper
Apr 20- Liz Stride
Apr 20- Roslyn D'Onston
Apr 21- The Torsos
Apr 22- Stan Reid's Centenaries of Crime
Apr 23- Jon Guy Simon's Who's Who Of Whitechapel
Apr 24- Rose Mylett
Apr 25- Contemporary Theories
Apr 26- Throat cutting in 1892 Whitechapel
Apr 27- Other Murder Victims
Apr 28- The Murder Of Mary Ann Austin by Robert Clack
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Howard Brown
Join Date: Jul 2003
Location: Eagleville, Pa.
Posts: 69,236
Default April 19, 2017

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