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The Maybrick Diary Forum Restricted forum for any and all discussion pertaining to the Maybrick Diary.

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Paul Kearney A.K.A. NEMO
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Thanks again Chris
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There will be a section of my talk entitled:

"Wherein I Channel My Inner Keith Skinner"

I will say what I believe Mr Skinner knows, with the disclaimer that it certainly doesn't come from anyone in a position to actually know, but from reverse engineering of public statements, internet gleanings, my own digging and interviews, and the heavy use of peyote and necromancy. It will satisfy no one....but I think it's correct. It will have to do for now, as thems that knows ain't saying nuthin'. But Tempus Omnia Revelat as they say.....Perhaps it will serve as an enema.....lovely image there.

Originally Posted by Chris G. View Post
Hi Nemo

I am not sure a room has been definitively mentioned in connection with where the Diary was supposedly found by the electricians, although there has been some speculation, I recall, that it could have been under the floorboards of James Maybrick's dressing room.

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