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Websleuths ID Luggage from Pennsylvania Cold Case

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  • Websleuths ID Luggage from Pennsylvania Cold Case

    The Beth Doe aka Carbon County Jane Doe suitcases, in which her remains were found, have been IDed as being sold at Nichols Discount City which became Nichols Home Centre.

    Most people were looking for the luggage on Google Images. Someone found it in a newspaper ad so he must have been searching a newspaper archive.

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    San Fernando:

    Nice find.

    'Beth Doe' was found in Luzerne, not Carbon, County. No biggee...she was buried in Carbon County.
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      She was dumped off a bridge over the Lehigh River which is the border but, if she landed on the Luzerne side, from a moving vehicle according to police, then that would indicate they had turned around in Carbon County and were headed back to their residence westward. That’s where the stores were, places like Bloomsberg.


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        PS It’s also interesting that all the people using Google Image Search failed but the guy using those quaint and old-fashioned newspaper archives succeeded! Ha ha!


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          Beth Doe was IDed a couple of days ago as Evelyn Colon of Jersey City. Familial DNA was used and her boyfriend now 63 was arrested for her murder.

          There was a copy of a New York newspaper in the suitcases and it had already been traced to northern New Jersey. Jersey City would obviously fit as I believe the most northerly place.

          The discount luggage, recently IDed as I said, came from a discount store with locations in four states including NJ.

          The isotope analysis appears to have been totally off, so it doesn’t appear that genealogical research, using available records online, would have helped ID her. I found a probable brother in a year book but that’s it.


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            Thank you sanfran, love these cold cases being investigated and solved


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              You're welcome, kattrup. I'm still trying to figure out how Puerto Rico and New Jersey isotopes turned into Czech/Balkan and Eastern Tennessee.

              But the familial DNA and the genealogy came through. Her nephew went on the genealogy site to learn about his heritage and kept his DNA-profile public in hopes of finding his missing aunt. So it's not always about DNA data bases exposing your relatives to criminal investigations.