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Invisible Monsters : Six Part Series On American Serial Killers Who Changed The Rules

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  • Invisible Monsters : Six Part Series On American Serial Killers Who Changed The Rules

    Invisible Monsters is a 6-part series which discusses 5 American serial killers, all of whom should not have been able to amass the number of murders they did due in large part to the capabilities of police forces in the 1970's and into the 1980's. Technology that did not exist at the time ; the social atmosphere where strangers wouldn't get a second look when accepting a ride with their inevitable killer(s), and terrible court decisions to release some only to see them commit an alarming number of murders in the years ahead. It also didn't help that in one series, prostitutes were killed ( a fact that Ridgway knew would limit the amount of time the police spent looking for the perpetrator), and a general blase attitude of the cops and at times, an above average level of indifference to the matters at hand.

    It was indeed a Golden Age of American serial killing when we consider the Golden State Killer, The Night Stalker, The Hillside Stranglers, The Son Of Sam, and several others are left off this list.

    The five serial offenders are :

    Jeffrey Dahmer - Milwaukee
    Gary Ridgway - Seattle
    Ted Bundy- Florida, Colorado, etc.
    John Wayne Gacy - Chicago
    Dennis Rader- Wichita

    At least 150 murders were committed by this group....and that's probably an underestimation of the numbers. Factor in the exponential damage these psychopaths caused and it runs into the thousands.

    Professor George R. Dekle, who prosecuted Bundy and saw him executed, appears in a few of the episodes starting with Episode 3.

    Episode 1 :

    Episode 2:

    Episode 3:

    Episode 4:

    Episode 5:

    Episode 6:
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