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  • Boise Whitechapel

    Idaho Statesman
    January 20, 1893

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    I can't resist commenting. I understand the designations of the other American Whitechapels & see the 'Idaho Statesman' used that term in this article. What I have difficulty fathoming is what the 'Statesman' was thinking when the population in 1890 was 2,311! By 1900 the population was 5,957. In 1880 it was 1,899 and the location was Ft. Boise in 1863. (Source: Wikipedia.) Boise became the capital of the Idaho Territory in 1864 and capital of the newly formed state in 1890.

    With a population around 3,000 at the date of this article I could hardly imagine even one whole street or alley masquerading as a teeming slum and certainly not a district. I do note the article specifies drug usage in whatever area.
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      I don't really have anywhere else to post this tidbit. It pertains to greater, expanded--that is, past Nampa--Boise, Idaho. And it is one of my for-what-it's-worth posts.

      In that area they put up new, WHOLE HOUSING DEVELOPMENTS faster than I could get ONE house built. Anyway, developers are always scrambling for names for streets. That's why you see subdivisions with streets with girls' names, etc. The developers name streets after their kids, wives, whatever.

      Anyway, one of these new developments has "Whitechapel Street." There is no reason for it as it all used to be kind of dry farm land and we don't tend to have any or many white chapels old or new.

      So I figure someone thought it was a nice name or maybe they saw there was a Whitechapel Society or something. I would take a picture and post but without entering the subdivision, I would risk life and car to stop on the roadside for a picture.
      The wickedness of the world is the dream of the plague.~~Voynich Manuscript