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A Philadelphia 'Miss Cass' Parallel ( 1892)

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  • A Philadelphia 'Miss Cass' Parallel ( 1892)

    While looking into a story from 1892 about James Applegate, a wealthy photographer and entrepreneur in Philadelphia, and who turned a Moravian church into a combination circus/brothel employing up to 150 females in the lower North Philadelphia district just above Market Street ( main drag in center city Philly), which was Philly's Whitechapel.....I came across this.

    Where these two girls were picked up, a blind man with a stick could have reached out and poked a prostitute...instead deciding to arrest two young girls for solicitation.

    Wish I had a dollar for every time a lazy flatfoot did something along these lines.

    Meanwhile, the brothel which contributed to an already rough neighborhood to become even more unsavory allowed cops to mingle with patrons to prevent unruly punters from drawing the attention of the neighbors.

    Philadelphia Inquirer
    February 11, 1892
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