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Down In Sowfilly : Live and....Don't Learn

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  • Down In Sowfilly : Live and....Don't Learn

    Some of the trucks displayed pro-Trump signs along with the standard American flags.

    This is today.....

    ....and this is 102 years ago...same South Philly turf, different generations.

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    History does tend, to repeat itself, How. Do all these people have a shared deathwish?
    Be nice to one another!


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      The first time they had their parade, people weren't aware of how contagious the Spanish Flu was.
      However, this time, the renegade paraders do know how contagious Covid is. They're just being assholes. The majority of people involved in Mumming are not happy about
      what happened yesterday. Personally, I'd rather watch grass grow than look at a Mummers parade...or have a ringside seat to watching Ernest Borgnine shave his back.
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        Great numbers of people need to die in the streets for the populace to take a contagion seriously. At this time many of us have known people who have had the virus and not gotten very sick. Then there are people like me and my household of last year that had it and, except for weird symptoms, it was less horrible than the regular spring outbreaks of "unknown viruses". I still do not personally know anyone who died from it though I suspect a friend of my best friend will die soon. Obese and on a ventilator in a place where medical care is questionable.

        The best way to follow this mess is through information from the UK. Some of the best work has been done there. The most accurate information comes from there, IMO.
        The wickedness of the world is the dream of the plague.~~Voynich Manuscript


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          Aside from Robert Linford, I know of one person from my past who has succumbed to Covid...and probably 8 who have had it but made it through.

          You mentioned 'obese'. I think being overweight ( or obese) doesn't help one during these times.

          As to following instructions from the U.K....or any place..... I think it's really up to a nation's citizenry to do the right things : Wear a mask and avoid congregating with people.

          By now, 9 or 10 months in to this....adults ought not to have to be told what's the proper thing to do True, some have acquired it although they followed the mask/crowd thing.

          When I see adults with their kids out without masks, I wanna throw a left jab upside their heads. Just plain stupidity.
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