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May 13, 1985 The City That Bombed Itself

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  • May 13, 1985 The City That Bombed Itself

    That date is the day my Mom's mother died at the age of 87. Tough old broad. R.I.P.

    This also happened on that day.....

    They were offered land by the Quakers to take their Luddite movement out of the city but preferred the tactics ( I saw, first hand, how they operated) of non-stop bullhorn bullshit in the neighborhood.

    The subsequent rebuilding of homes...which were eventually condemned but not until contractors raked in the shekels...was another scandal.

    Sort of good that the Mayor of Philly, also named Goode, was black. If Frank Rizzo had authorized the dropping of an incendiary device on that building, we'd be reading how a racist Mayor tried to incinerate a whole neighborhood.

    This photo, by no means, shows the total devastation to the surrounding streets near Osage Avenue.