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At last! Breakfast Beer!

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  • At last! Breakfast Beer!

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    Alcohol Healthwatch adviser Christine Rogan said drinking in the morning was an indicator of an alcohol problem.

    Really ? How about snow on the ground being an indicator of the Winter season ?
    Seriously, I know a guy who got up for work around 3 AM ...and had a six pack before 4 A.M. virtually every day for years and years. He worked from 4:30-11:00 AM part time for a major package delivery firm until he lost the position.
    I admit drinking about 5 beers before work in the morning around a decade ago when I was in the midst of a custody dispute. I did that for a month and until I won the custody battle. It was like drinking water after a while because I was drinking 30 beers a day.
    Nowadays I eat a lotta cookies...I substytooted me vices.
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