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What the Indian call centre staff are really told about Australians

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  • What the Indian call centre staff are really told about Australians

    "Just stating the facts, guys. Australia is known as the dumbest continent . . . so speak slowly" - CALL CENTRE TEACHER

    INDIAN call centres are teaching staff Australia is the world's "dumbest continent" where people "drink constantly" and are "quite racist".

    Staff taught "how to act Australian" are also told to "speak slowly" to customers on the other end of the phone line because they tend to be technologically "backwards".

    Indian-based telephone spruikers and helpline operators are also warned that Australians are "touchy" about their pets.

    They are also instructed it's OK to hang up on Australians who use the "preferred term for us" - "brown bastards".

    And more!

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    I think we can quite readily dismiss the statements of anyone that thinks Australia is a continent. Dear oh dear.


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      I wonder if they've ever contemplated that we can be "quite racist" because they a.) can't speak English properly; and b.) about half a dozen of them ring up each and every night at the hours when you tend to be either just arriving home from work or trying to eat your dinner; and c.) they never take no for an answer; and d.) further to point C, if you tell them to bugger off one week, they're back at you again the week after.

      Having said all of that, i've heard them called many things, but "brown bastards" is a new one.....wonder they don't try and get us into a conversation about how fantastic Foster's is, despite the fact that nobody down here drinks it. Another fallacy.