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  • Third gender

    On reflection I think this is an excellent idea. In fact I don't think it goes far enough, we should introduce a gender radio.

    We all know a guy who likes musicals or a lady who wears comfortable shoes but we would never say they have crossed over to the enemy. So a ratio may be the answer.
    Of course as these things go they can change with our moods so we would have to have a system to change our gender ratios regularly.

    Take for example our fearless leader Howard.

    He gets the dvd out, Ninas sitting on the couch beside him the popcorns available and the Sound of music starts.
    Now we all know how macho Howard is but after a few choruses and sing alongs his gender ratio may tip 20/80.
    But as soon as the movie has finished and the ice hockey starts the ratio will move back to 0/100.
    This could instantly be updated via Facebook or twitter for the world to see.

    Any thoughts?

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    Well, I don't see Howard as just X% male and Y% female, because he passes a fair amount of his time as a Thing.