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    Still, the new series, with Wallace & Grommit shold be good
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      Sir Les appearing at the Plasticine Playhouse? Shurely shome mishtake.


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        Well you gotta admit he'd liven 'em up somewhat - 'Curse of the Were-Attache'?
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        Lacerta es reptiles quisnam mos non exsisto accuso nusquam


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          I think that's him trying to book Joan Sutherland for a singalong at the rugby club.


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            Originally posted by Maria Birchwood
            Hi Robert:

            I do like Dame Edna very much. With his " Call me old fashion " line and possums. I imagine, possum must be an Australian animal. Dunno.

            We hear very little about Australia here. A French lady I met in Russia who travels much more than we do, told me that it was very beautiful and that she would rank Australia, on the top section of countries to visit in the world. I asked her... That beautiful ? Yes, that beautiful. She said and described to me that the beaches are superb, the restaurants have excellent food, the people are friendly and the climate is good. So I'm rather curious about Australia now, since it is a country we haven't been to.

            Oh... the foot-ball match is starting soon. Must rush.

            There is a wonderful Australian singer by the name of John Williamson. His songs can give you so much insight into His Australia. Try downloading his Home Among the Gumtrees and G'day G'day you will love him!!


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              I guess somebody's got to like the bloke - personally I thought he made a better failed wheat farmer than a singer.

              You want to hear good Aussie contemporary folk type music get aholt of some Eric Bogle.
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                On the subject of Australian music, it's time for a rant. It never ceases to amaze me how little, if anything, overseas people know about Australian music or have even heard of it. There's several people I've sent Australian songs to recently and invariably they've loved them, so why is it that they don't seem to break into overseas markets?

                Some of our most famous singers and bands that are household names here and have had numerous smash hits aren't even known elsewhere. Some good examples:

                - The Easybeats
                - Little River Band
                - Cold Chisel (!!!)
                - John Farnham (!!!)
                - 1927
                - Moving Pictures
                - John Paul Young
                - Mondo Rock
                - Sherbet/Daryl Braithwaite (!!!)
                - Australian Crawl
                - Icehouse
                - Mental As Anything
                - Pseudo Echo

                The list could go on and on.....all of those bands and singers have had numerous smash hits here and yet overseas it's: "Who?". Any ideas why, anyone?

                Frustrating.....very frustrating....I urge you all to download music by the above, you'll love it!



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                  Did anyone else see Simply Red perform on Sunrise this morning?
                  They still sound great, although I was hoping they'd sing one of their bigger hits.

                  Yet another band's good to see, but why the rush of 80's bands in particular getting back together? Maybe their bank accounts are all starting to slip below the millions mark....



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                    The cynic in me wants to think that maybe these '80s bands that are re-uniting have just finished lawsuits against their former record companies to regain control of the rights to the money that they were supposed to have earned back when they were big. And then they discovered that the lawyers ate it all, so they're still broke!

                    "Behold! I have become the Blue Screen of Death, Destroyer of Hard Drives! Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair!"


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                      Hey Vila,

                      You could well be onto something there. The good thing for these bands who are re-uniting after however many years though is that they still have a huge following - not just from middle aged people who were teenagers then, but also from younger people these days. I can vouch for that - one of the more popular bands among people my age is an Australian band (some say they're Kiwis, but....) called Crowded House. They haven't performed together for a long time, but a lot of people are very pumped with the recent news that Crowded House are also re-uniting - without the original drummer though, Paul Hester, who tragically committed suicide a couple of years ago.
                      Have you (or anyone else) heard of them? They had a lot of big hits in the late 80's to early 90's - particularly with songs like Don't Dream It's Over, Something So Strong, Better Be Home Soon, It's Only Natural, Weather With You, etc. Not personally a big fan, but they're a good band.


                      P.S. Just spotted on Wikipedia that Don't Dream It's Over hit #2 on the US charts in 1986...that's damn tough for any foreign band to do!! Must have been a bit popular over there....


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                        Dan and Adam:

                        Actually,I think some of these bands might detect how awful much of the music is on the radio today. I ain't as interested in music as I used to be,but when I hear the sort of music they play,even on what has to be considered one of America's better radio stations,WXPN 88.5 FM, I'm glad I am not "new" to music.


                        Coincidentally,I heard a Neil Finn song on that radio station recently ( Thursday ). He,of course,was in Crowded House.
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                          Much sadness among all Australian rock music fans at the moment after the legendary Billy Thorpe passed away yesterday.

                          He was of course the frontman of The Aztecs, a genuine pioneer of the rock music industry and had a career which spanned over 40 years - very sad that he died at the age of just 60.

                          He certainly devoted his life to 'loud and proud' rock music, and it's great to hear that there'll be a memorial concert held in his honour this weekend - among the people who want to be there to pay tribute will be Mick Fleetwood, the drummer from Fleetwood Mac, who apparently once toured with Billy.

                          R.I.P. Billy.



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                            They Still Breed Real Giants....



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                              Gun Ownership!

                              They have!




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