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    The remains of the mysterious Somerton Man will be exhumed by police in the hope that DNA samples could solve the case that has baffled detectives, researchers and amateur sleuths for more than seven decades.
    The Somerton Man is buried in Adelaide's West Terrace cemetery in a grave that refers to him simply as the "unknown man".
    After years of public discussion about digging up his remains, SA Police has now had an exhumation order approved by Attorney-General Vickie Chapman, who said the case had generated "intense public interest".
    "This man could be someone's father, brother or cousin, and those relatives and friends deserve answers," she said.
    "South Australia Police has since come to me with the funding and an application, and I have approved it.
    While a date for the exhumation has not yet been determined, Forensic Science SA director Linzi Wilson-Wilde said it would likely be in the "short term", and that the remains would be transferred to a laboratory for analysis. ...


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      It’s great the police are involved in the exhumation. Our top John Doe was exhumed by a production company and they never put the DNA up for familial DNA testing. I guess they wanted more views of the documentary so put it up only for direct one to one testing which never got a positive match, but does allow for continued crowd sourcing.


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        One of, if not the top, US Jane Doe, appropriately called Eldorado, because that’s where she was murdered in 1991, turned out to be definitely illegitimate after doing familial DNA on the paternal and male line, as they did in the Somerton Man case, and with all the known daughters of the paternity suspects accounted for. So the search there continues, with everyone waiting on the maternal results.


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          The BBC reports that the exhumation is under way:
          "On Wednesday, crews began digging at the gravesite.
          But local media outlet Nine News reported initial efforts were moving slower than expected due to dense clay and uncertainty as to whether the man had been buried in a coffin."


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            Reporting of the exhumation was subject to some very lazy journalism here Chris. One TV news program twice referring. the SM as 'the body that washed up on the beach! Perhaps they might be under the erroneous impression that the fully clothed 'dry' corpse has been murdered elsewhere and dumped there? Never let the facts get in the way of a good Story, eh? As for the possibility of an empty coffin, well that's a novel twist and certainly a waste of tax payers money having the poor chap embalmed

            j have always been intrigued about why the body was preserved after autopsy and who might have sanctioned the decision.?
            Apologies for the typos ( edited). Cataracts short of fixed, new spectacles for computer needed urgently.

            Be nice to one another!