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The Forums : 13th Anniversary 2005-2018

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  • The Forums : 13th Anniversary 2005-2018

    Thursday, the 19th, marks the 13th Anniversary of JTR Forums.

    This past year, we've seen even more focus on the genealogical aspect of the Case with, of course, excellent threads often with new ideas, facts, and findings. The early years of the century may have been the 'Golden Age' of Ripper theory & suspect heavy discussion, but I believe this is the 'Golden Age' of research as conducted & generously shared by some of the best in the world here on The Forums.

    Besides hoping for more of the same in the upcoming year, I hope the current conflagration concerning the unwarranted, undeserved, and intentionally snide remarks about Ripperologists here and everywhere will act as a galvanizing force to make our field better than ever.

    Above all, Nina and I sincerely hope only the best concerning the health and well being of every Forums member.

    Thank you.

    How Brown

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    Hello Howard. Congratulations!



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      Yes congratulations. And it only took 13 years for Howard to type over 82,400 posts on this site.

      But he isn't a spring chicken anymore, and he is bound to slow down. The next 82,400 posts may take him 15 years.


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        Well done, How. We hope to see you still running the Forums 13 years from now. But that will only happen if you cut down on the jellied eels. You simply can't keep putting them away at the rate you do.


        Robert, a concerned friend


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          But that will only happen if you cut down on the jellied eels. You simply can't keep putting them away at the rate you do.

          Never fear, ain't no eels here, Bob.
          I even quit scrapple.


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            Congrats and many thanks, Howie and Nina!

            Always a pleasure to dip into the forums and see all the interesting bits and pieces generously provided by you and the members.

            Much love,

            I wish I were two puppies then I could play together - Storm Petersen


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              Keep up the good work!


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                Thanks Caz, Gary, Lynn, Bob, & Joe.


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                  13 years and I was here to see the start of it all, it's crazy to think it's been that long! Full credit to you How, and to everyone else who has contributed over the journey. Many more!



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                    It's a remarkable fact that of all the folks on the Forums, How is the only one whose age hasn't changed.

                    Funny that!


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                      Nor have his extraordinary good looks, virility and stamina. Or so he tells me. But well done, Howard. I think I've been with you from the start. It's my 30th anniversary this year, my Jack the Ripper: The Uncensored Facts, which some people say ushered in modern Ripperology, was published in 1988. That's my moment of immodesty over.


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                        I bought that book. In those days there was no Forums or Casebook and it was a sheer delight to come upon a good Ripper book purely by chance.