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Well Done Maria

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  • Maria Birbili
    Originally posted by How Brown View Post
    Good luck locating the letter (Macnaghten to the medical facility) from 1891.
    Lynn Cates hopes that the letter in question would be available at the LMA. We'll write to them.
    I'll be cross-referencing Ostrog's convinction for a possible mention in the Gazette des tribunaux, the Paris equivalent (sorta) for the London Police Gazzette, to further corroborate the total lack of violent offenses.
    I'm still thinking that the mention of Ostrog in the MM might have been a mixup with Le Grand, intentional or not.

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  • Howard Brown
    started a topic Well Done Maria

    Well Done Maria

    Maria Birbili has located the transcript of Michael Ostrog's 1888 arrest in France.

    Fine work on your part, Maria.
    Good luck locating the letter (Macnaghten to the medical facility ) from 1891.