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  • The Robert Linford Award

    As I type this in California, it's Wednesday Dec 8th in England. Today is the one year anniversary of the passing of our friend, Robert Linford. Earlier this past year, John Savage offered a good suggestion to bestow an award in Robert's name to a colleague in our Ripperology field. It was a fine idea, and the whole concept has been supported quite well over the past months. It was recommended that the first award winner be announced on the Jtrforums on Dec 8th.

    During this autumn, ten members of the Jtrforums got together to select the award's first winner. All ten of us had known Robert in our own personal way.

    The Whitechapel Society was very gracious in helping out with this. At its annual Christmas gathering held on Dec 5th, the Dec 2021 issue of the Whitechapel Society Journal was distributed to the attendees. An article featuring The Robert Linford Award was printed in that issue. I was able to get Sue Parry in touch with Robert's sister, Jane Linford, and Sue has it set up where Jane can receive a complimentary Dec 2021 issue of the journal.

    The basis to win the award is quite simple. It should go to the person who best follows in Robert's footsteps when it comes to research ability and helpfulness to colleagues. Those were two qualities that shined brightly in Robert.

    I am glad to say that the first winner of The Robert Linford Award is Howard & Nina Brown. Congratulations to you both.

    I don't know how avatars work, but both Howard & Nina are each entitled to use the "Golden Teacup" avatar here on the Jtrforums!! Robert loved his tea.

    It has been a difficult year and I do miss my friend. But on a bright note, I am quite pleased to kindly remember Robert on this day by presenting an award named in his honor.

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    Congratulations to Howard and Nina!


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      Thanks Chris and Joe and to those who keep Bob's memory alive..

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        It has been some time since I have been on the Forum due to illness. I am very sad to hear of Robert Lindford’s passing. I only knew him through correspondence. He provided me with a great deal of help on a matter unrelated to JTR. He really went above and beyond for which I am truly grateful. My condolences to all his loved ones and friends. Thank you Robert for all the help you gave me. I will never forget it. xxx


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          Congratulations Howard and Nina!


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            Congratulations How and Nina. xx


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              Congratulations Howard and Nina.


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                Congratulations Howard and Nina! Well deserved. This is such a great way to keep Robert’s memory and contributions alive. -Mike


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                  Congrats, well deserved. We will remember Robert in our hears always


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                    Howard and Nina, Congratulations and well deserved!

                    A great tribute to our friend, Robert Linford.


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                      Congratulations to Nina and Howard. And a fine way to keep the memory of Robert Linford alive!


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                        Good luck to anyone trying to find someone who would question this decision. Thoroughly deserved.

                        Congratulations to How and Nina.



                        " When you eliminate the impossible whatever remains no matter how probably a little bit boring "


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                          Thanks to one and all for the kind remarks. It's good to know that Robert will not be forgotten.



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                            Photo of Robert, date unknown

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                              Howard & Nina,

                              Those Golden Teacup avatars do look sharp. I'm happy to see you're both using them !

                              For those who receive the Whitechapel Society Journal, I'd like to point out that Robert's sister helped out nicely in The Robert Linford Award article. (It's on page 15 of the Dec 2021 issue.) In that article, she provided me with additional information about Robert's benevolence to charitable causes. Robert was a modest man, so he wouldn't speak of this. But his private acts of charity were certainly commendable.

                              Howard & Nina, I should say that it was very gracious of you, earlier this year, to have made a wonderful contribution on behalf of the Jtrforums to one of Robert's favorite charities, Little Havens Hospice for children in Essex. That really came from the heart.