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Happy Birthday To Nemo

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    Originally posted by Nemo View Post
    Many thanks everybody

    I feel a bit of a fraud though as my birthday is on September 28th - lol

    I must have the date incorrect in my profile - similarly on my Facebook account - not sure why that is...

    Sorry about that guys and gals
    It's Nemo Day all year long. Many of 'em, mate.

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      Thanks Chris - lol

      I would have liked the cake Mike

      I think Facebook made the mistake or rather I made the mistake inputting my DOB in 2008 or something (I'm not a user of Facebook at all really)

      Thanks for the kind wishes anyway - I don't think my birthday appeared here before

      I think my birthdate put me a year ahead of most of my school classmates and it occurred to me in the past I must have been conceived around Christmas or New Year, and perhaps there would be a spike of births in September for a similar reason

      I'm definitely a typical Libran

      Thanks again everybody