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  • Veteran's Day 2020

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    I'm glad that in America they changed the name of Armistice Day to Veterans Day.

    Armistice Day, November 11, 1918, was not a happy day. One historian has a figure of over 11,000 soldiers being either wounded or killed on that day in 1918. It is really bad luck to be a soldier who gets killed on the last day of a long war.

    I guess it would have been worse for a British or American soldier who was killed during the Battle of New Orleans in 1815. A battle that began more than two weeks after a treaty was signed to end the war. They could have used the internet back in 1815 to get the word out that the war is over, so stop fighting.

    I have cousin who is a Veteran. He was stationed at an Air Force base in Alaska around 1987-1993. He always had some good stories to tell from that experience. I will give him a phone call tonight. Thank you to all the Veterans out there.


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      Hey Joe,

      I didn't know about the 11,000 casualties on Armistice Day, that's a shocking statistic. Heartbreaking for families to think their loved ones would be coming home and then to perish at the final hurdle. Anyway, Veterans Day is definitely a much more appropriate name. Here it's called Remembrance Day, which I think is also quite fitting, as is the minute of silence at 11 am on that day.

      Hope you're well mate.



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        Hi Adam,

        I have an old Al Stewart album where he used Remembrance Day in his lyrics. But I didn't know that was a term for Armistice Day until you mentioned it just now.

        I'd imagine all the soldiers of WWI have now passed on, but some of their widows may still be alive. There probably are cases of elderly WWI vets who married much younger brides, 40 years or so after the war had ended. Those women would be old now, but they may still each receive a check in the mail for their husband's service in the war.


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          Hey Joe,

          Yes, sadly all of the WWI vets are gone now and the WWII vets are thinning out rapidly as well. Makes it all the more important for them to be commemorated and for their stories to be told while they're still here. Most families would have members who have either served in past conflicts or are still serving.

          Alec Campbell was one of our more well known last surviving WWI veterans, being the last man standing from the Gallipoli campaign in 1915. He died here in Tassie back in 2002.