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Professor William J Fishman. 1921-2014

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  • Professor William J Fishman. 1921-2014

    Sad to hear the news of the passing of Bill Fishman.

    A true historian, and person of the East End, and one of that last links to an age long gone, a link that shall never be forged again.

    He was an inspiration, and in his works, shall remain so.

    Thank you Bill


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    Very sad news indeed. his books are an indispensable part of my library.
    Seems he was a great bloke too!
    Thanks for your time,
    dusty miller


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      That saddens me...I've a couple of his in my (meagre) library, and a couple more on my"to buy" list...the couple I've read are first rate...


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        That's very sad news. We always got on very well and his knowledge of the area was profound. I remember meeting him for the first time with Donald Rumbelow in Blooms, a wonderful Jewish restaurant near the White Hart which had a reputation. It's gone now. East End 1888 is a valuable book. East End Jewish Radicals is one of a kind.


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          Hello Neil. Thanks for posting this.

          Sad news. I have two of his books in my library.



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            I met him in the early 1980s at QMC.
            Yes 'East End Jewish Radicals' is a very interesting book.


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              Sad to hear this.

              I don't own his 2 books, but have read pieces and parts. Important research.

              Cute about the Yiddish curses.
              Best regards,


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                  Very sad news about Bill. I met him when he gave a talk at the old Cloak & Dagger club a number of years back.

                  Paul, I also remember Blooms with great affection. I lunched there in the late 70s when I worked near the Monument. Great food!


                  I wish I were two puppies then I could play together - Storm Petersen


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                    William Fishman

                    After writing my original response to this, I checked out my books and found I'd actually read three of his rather than the two I recalled, and (per correspondence I'd long ago had with Lynn) I'd actually missed out on one of his best.

                    Accordingly I ordered the rather oddly titled "East End Jewish Radicals 1875 to 1914"...and it joined my queue of books to be read...admittedly at a higher point than most, because Paul said it was interesting...

                    So I started reading it on Monday just gone...Paul/Lynn...I can't thank you enough...I only tend to get time to read on my bus journeys to/from work, plus my lunch hours...this is a truly fascinating book...I'm somewhere between 2/3 or 3/4 the way through it, and while the 1888 murders are only peripherally mentioned, the truly deep Jewish background plus East End scenery give a fascinating insight into life in those times...and the links with the political scene of the time are so revealing...

                    Thanks accordingly to both Paul and Lynn....but especially to the latter who generously and unselfishly gave the advice, very early on, to a beginner totally unknown to himself...