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  • A Dear Lady

    I'd like to thank Howard Brown for allowing me to create this thread.

    With deep sadness, I have to announce that my 88 year old mother, Josephine Chetcuti, passed away at her house this morning. I've been her constant caregiver for a long time and I was with her until the end.

    I'm posting this on the Jtrforums because my mother was a good friend to a number of Ripperologists for many years. She had the pleasure of being in the company of Scott & Melissa Nelson at their home and in restaurants. And she enjoyed every minute of it.

    My mother was entertained for years by the private emails sent to our house by Robert Linford, Roger Palmer, and Mike Hawley.

    She had a special likeness to the warm greetings sent to her by Simon Wood. She also had a strong admiration for Keith Skinner's manner of research.

    Best of all, she had a wonderful relationship with Jane Coram, a lady who used to do the art designs for Ripper Notes and the Ripperologist journal. It was a delight for me to hear Jane and my mother talk with each other over the phone. And a painting of my mother that was done by Jane will be proudly presented at a display table at the visitation ceremony next week.

    My mother is also the proud owner of a number of handsomely designed scarves and pillow cases that were created by Jane's husband Les.

    I thank Jonathan Hainsworth, Eduardo Zinna, Howard Brown, and all of the Ripperologists who have wished my mother well during her hospice program. I treasure all those kind-hearted messages.

    She was a dear lady who was an encouragement to my research and she respected all of my colleagues. She was also the best mother a son could hope for.

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    Joe, so sorry to hear about this. Even when you see it coming, it's a hammer blow. RIP to a magnificent lady.


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      My heart goes out to you, Joe. She was an amazing person. Many prayers.



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        I had the immense pleasure of getting to know Josephine through Joe. Every time Joe and I corresponded I would send a big smooch to his mom, and it became something of a ritual. I especially treasure the Christmas card she sent to me.

        Words are difficult at times like these.

        I wish Joe all the strength he needs to cope with such a loss.

        Please know that you are not alone.



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          It's a tough call Joe but stay positive and remember what you gave to your mother rather than the other way round. I imagine it would have given her a deep sense of comfort to have had you with her right up until the end and from what I read great joy in sharing your friends, knowing, as Simon says, you would not be alone. My condolences - Keith.


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            A beautiful tribute to an evidently beautiful person. My thoughts are with you, Joe.
            Kind regards, Sam Flynn

            "Suche Nullen"
            (F. Nietzsche)


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              Sorry to hear this, Joe. Your mother sounds like she was a very special lady. Thinking of you.


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                Our condolences to you on your loss.....

                If there's any way you can ( if you want to ) post a photo of Mother Chetcuti, by all means do so. If you want me to have a hand in posting it. let me know.

                How & Nina
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                  I'm sorry to hear about this Joe...I'm afraid I never knew the lady, but she sounds to have been a real character...

                  Best wishes



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                    Joe, I already sent you a private message. I will only add that I hope I will be able to muster half the patience, good-humor, dignity, and grace you have shown during these past difficult months. She was a good woman, and there is nothing in this world better than that. Godspeed.

                    PS. be gentle with that cactus garden!


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                      I send my deepest sympathy.
                      The wickedness of the world is the dream of the plague.~~Voynich Manuscript


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                        It was very heart-warming to read the encouraging messages from all you wonderful people. My family and I thank you so very much.

                        Howard, that is a nice offer. I have mailed you a photo of my mother taken in 1951, and when you receive it early next week you can feel free to post it on this thread.

                        Thank you once again everyone. Having the support of friends is a priceless gift.


                        Roger, my mother's front yard cactus garden knows in its heart that there has now been a change of ownership. And it's running scared, with good reason. That garden has been my main nemesis for over 40 years. But my sister-in-law is begging me, its new owner, to show it some mercy.


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                          I'm very sorry to read your sad news, Joe.

                          I'm sure your mother took great strength and comfort having you with her.

                          My thoughts are with you and yours.



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                            Mrs. Chetcuti

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                              Thank you for posting that picture, Howard. You did a really good job.

                              That was taken 68 years ago, about four months before her wedding.

                              She doesn't really have a long thin white scar on her left cheek, heh heh. That was just a slight crease in the 68 year old picture.

                              Her obituary will be in tomorrow's San Francisco Chronicle.

                              Thank you for your kind words, Adam.