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My first ever post on JTRforums....

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  • My first ever post on JTRforums....

    Now that Viper's not here, I can finally give him some of the credit he is due.

    For those who have ever visited my archive of newspaper and magazine articles about the case (since overtaken and made redundant by the Casebook's own archive, but at one time the largest such archive) you should be aware that Viper's efforts were vital to it's growth.

    He transcribed articles, proof-read the page for typos, and constantly badgered me to add new articles and updates to the page. Even when I left the casebook he stayed in touch with encouragement and new material, urged me to get back to the casebook, and on those occasions when I dropped by the chat room always found a way to make me laugh. When my page was banned by it's host for "promoting crime" Viper kindly helped me rebuild it.

    After I took a hiatus from updating my page, Viper lent his considerable energy and abilities to the Casebook's then-embryonic newspaper archive with the results Spryer praised so highly in Casebooks tribute to him.

    All of Viper's help on my page was uncredited, at his insistence. I posted a thank you message on the front page, to which he responded within the hour thanking me for the credit, but asking me to remove it to preserve his anonymity. I felt bad about people not being aware of his hard work and generosity, but of course I respected his request.

    Now that he is gone I feel that people should be aware of the debt that I owe him (although he steadfastly refused to see it that way) and to finally give him the credit he so richly deserved, yet declined to claim.

    I may not have spoken to him in years (it turns out probably shortly before his death) and I may not have ever known his real name (but then again he never knew mine) but Viper was a good friend, and finding out that our lapse in correspondence has suddenly become an irrevocably permanent thing saddens me.

    I'm sorry that my first post in my snazzy new forum isn't a little more upbeat, but the chance to publically thank Viper for everything over the years (now that he can't stop me) is too important to pass up.
    "The Men who were not the Man who was not Jack the Ripper!"