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    I was barely a member here when Chris passed away. I so value his research and felt a great loss when he passed.

    Expanding on what Magpie wrote below, I write this on condolence cards: No one is truly dead so long as they are remembered. When there is no one left to remember, we will all be together again.

    That is my personal philosophy and wording. I have no doubts about the Other Side and am sure Chris and Mary Jane have tea together and thoroughly discuss life as it was on Dorset Street in 1888.

    R.I.P. Chris!
    The wickedness of the world is the dream of the plague.~~Voynich Manuscript


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      Despite the attempts by people like Rubenhold to bury his legacy, it does live on. Remembered and appreciated!
      Thanks for your time,
      dusty miller


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        It's strangely comforting to see that Chris is still remembered and rightly respected. It's impossible to believe that he's been dead for six years. His research lives on in almost every corner of Ripperology.


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          Given his often expressed views on certain aspects of feminism, it would have been interesting to see Chris's take on Rubenhold and her minions.
          Best Wishes,
          Cris Malone
          "Objectivity comes from how the evidence is treated, not the nature of the evidence itself. Historians can be just as objective as any scientist."


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            Originally posted by Cris Malone View Post
            Given his often expressed views on certain aspects of feminism, it would have been interesting to see Chris's take on Rubenhold and her minions.

            I doubt that they'd have become close friends.


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              Didn’t Chris publish his 150+pp book about Mary Kelly a decade before Rubenhold produced her ‘magisterial’ 37 pages on the same subject?


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                Always thought he was the best one on rippercast! (sorry everyone else) Was playing catch up with all the episodes last year and felt genuinely sad when I realised that he had died. Sounded like a great guy and was certainly a titan in the field.


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                  Because I am a latecomer to "Kelly-studies", I have made it my business to study the books by Chris Scott as well as his many casebook/JTR-forums postings on the subject.
                  What a prolific pioneer he was! And what a generous individual as well.

                  Rest in peace, Chris. And thank you for your great body of work.


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                    Back in May 2011, Roger Palmer and I made some friendly phone calls to a handful of colleagues. It was on a Saturday afternoon, and it was solely for social purposes, and everyone knew in advance that we would call.

                    Chris Scott was one of the people we phoned. Even for something as simple as this, Chris prepared himself so well for that phone call. He was a delight, and he seemed to have a well-organized manuscript of information ready to share with us. That's just the way the man was. He was hard working, helpful to everyone, and he really respected the people he came in contact with.

                    We made those phone calls 10 years ago, but sadly, three of the people we called have now passed away. Don Souden, Robert Linford, and Chris Scott. But I will always happily remember talking with them on that day.