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Jules Rosenthal, R.i.P.

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  • Jules Rosenthal, R.i.P.

    I just got word that Jules Rosenthal, aka Nicholas Smith, passed away over in Great Britain on January 4th. He had been ill with multiple illnesses. On the 4th he died as a result of a stomach hemorrhage. He died quietly with his family around him.

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    I saw this over on Casebook and was quite shocked.

    My deepest sympathies are with his family.



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      I only exchanged a couple of posts with Jules (regarding Ripperoo) a month or so before his death. He was upbeat and was talking about possibly reviving the publication. I could tell right away that he was a most gracious gentleman.

      R.I.P my too brief friend.


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        I remember Jules as being always pleasant, thoughtful and funny. Ann will remember him for other reason's but we won't go into that.

        R.I.P. Jules, we did not know you had gone.

        Good grief, with all these 'passings' it really makes you think.

        One guy I know was musing that all his friends from school have died, "there's no-one left" he said sorrowfully, "take a look in the mirror", came a voice from the crowd.

        Say it ain't so...
        Regards, Jon S.
        The theory that the murderer is a lunatic is dispelled by the opinion given to the police by an expert in the treatment of lunacy patients......."If he's insane
        " observed the medical authority, "he's a good deal sharper than those who are not".
        Reynolds Newspaper, 4 Nov. 1888.