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Paul Kearney 1963-2014

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  • Smashing bloke. Wish you were here, Paul.


    • So sad to realise that Paul has gone from us for all of two years and that he was only age 50 when he passed away. Much too young. As tribute I am going to quote an email of mine posted just after his passing and that contains a quote from an email from him that gives a flavor of his ideas about Ripperology. I know there are hopefully plans to publish some of his writings and we look forward to such posthumous work from him.

      Originally posted by Chris G. View Post

      Hi all

      I located an old email of Paul's to me from November 2011 that gives some of his ideas on the case. I know that as Howard noted, Paul had a specific interest in researching William Grant Grainger and, as I recall, Thomas Hayne Cutbush as suspects, as well as in studying the theories of controversial alienist and theorist Forbes Winslow.

      The email of Paul's, which I trust that Paul if he were alive and his wife Jasmaine would not mind me sharing, touches on other matters. Here it is in part --

      We know how vague untruths become statements of fact in this case. . . .

      I think Kosminski's a very good suspect, partly because his mental state might indeed have resulted in successful blitz type attacks

      I'd say that committing the Ripper crimes in 1888 at the age 22 while relatively coherent, sane and semi-controlled, though volatile, might have itself produced symptoms of madness and paranoid schizophrenia at the age 25, but I'll look into it further

      Sorry for waffling on

      Thanks again


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      • March 5, 2017

        My apologies for overlooking the anniversary of Paul's passing ( February 22nd, 2014).

        Rest In Peace, Neems.....
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        • RIP, Paul.


          • Gosh, I missed it too and was checking out some of his posts just the other day. Truly missed.
            Best Wishes,
            Cris Malone
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