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Robert Linford : Rest In Peace To The Best Of Us

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    It would be an award for the researcher who displayed camaraderie and assistance to others in the manner in which Robert did for decades.

    He can't be replaced but the award would take the sting out of his passing to some degree.


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      Originally posted by Howard Brown View Post
      Several of us knew him for 20 years...he never wavered in those attributes Tom Wescott has mentioned.

      I remember days from 15 years ago when Robert was the only member on the boards besides myself or Tim Mosley. He was there from the beginning.

      If anyone, possibly Joe Chetcuti who actually met him, knows his family, perhaps they can pass along our condolences and that we're looking at supporting an award issued yearly here on the Forums ( CB folks are more than welcome to participate, either here or on their site)...The Linford.

      Sound good ?
      Brilliant idea.

      Perhaps a serious award for best piece of research and, to honour our friend’s wicked sense of humour, a tongue-in-cheek one for corniest pun or something along those lines.


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        Originally posted by Howard Brown View Post
        It would be an award for the researcher who displayed camaraderie and assistance to others in the manner in which Robert did for decades.

        He can't be replaced but the award would take the sting out of his passing to some degree.
        Our posts crossed, How.

        Yes, your suggestion is a perfect way of recognising Robert’s outstanding qualities, his generosity and good humour.


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          Such very sad news. My condolences to Robert's family.
          I never met Robert but I felt like he was a friend. He and A.P. encouraged me to join JTRForums right at the beginning when How set it up in its present form. I never saw Robert have a cross word with anyone or speak ill of anybody. He was just a lovely, helpful and patient person with a brilliant sense of humour. He was here purely for his enjoyment of the subject. Things won't be the same without him.
          Rest in peace Robert x


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            Originally posted by Howard Brown View Post
            Received the awful news that Bob passed away from Covid-19 symptoms. Bob had COPD and had mentioned having cancer to me in an email a month ago, when he, typically, thought of someone other than himself and asked me to post an RIP to a Casebook member.

            This is going to be a tough one to deal with. Like many here, I will miss him very, very much and will continue to think of him daily as I have been during these frightening times.

            I don't know when Bob was born nor do I know the exact date of his passing.

            Please leave a post with your fond memories of this wonderful example of a human being and Ripperologist.

            Rest In Peace, my great friend.
            Hello everyone

            I am very sorry to hear about Robert Linford's passing. Although we never met in person, Bob was very helpful to me in digging up critical nuggets of information that greatly added to articles that I have written. He will be missed for his research capabilities and great good humor, evidenced by his bio as an associate with Missing Heirs in the UK, which I copy below. Rest in peace, Bob Linford!

            Best regards


            Robert likes reading, listening to music and playing chess, but not all at the same time as it's rude to the opponent. He is not very good at DIY but refuses to buy a book on the subject in case it falls to pieces. He once put sugar on his chips by mistake. When a boy, he woke up in the night and saw a ghost. It turned out to be his mum's white ironing board. Having owned a dog, who regarded him as "leader of the pack," it was quite a shock for him when he acquired a cat, who regards him as a butler.
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              It's hard to imagine these boards without Bob, sad, sad news.
              Thanks for your time,
              dusty miller


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                I am shocked and so sad at this news, although like most of us I never had the chance to meet Robert or even speak to him on the phone.

                Despite this I feel as though I have lost a great friend; as others have mentioned he was a brilliant researcher always helpful to me as well as others.

                Some years ago along with David O'Flaherty and myself we were all in touch almost daily researching and writing a series of articles on the JTR coroners over a period of nearly two years. Robert's hard work and good humour made the task easier and better, so thanks my friend and may you rest in peace.

                God Bless


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                  Hello Howard. So sorry to hear that. I will miss his sense of humour and knowledge of philosophy. Cheers. LC


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                    Generosity. Friendship. Helpfulness. These qualities came so wonderfully natural to Robert. I was so proud to talk with him over the phone. So very proud to share in his company. So honored to have worked with him so closely all these years.

                    The last time we communicated, Robert told me how appreciative he is of his sister and all of her help and love. Robert brought out the best in everyone he came in contact with. He was so dependable in making a situation better.

                    I can barely go on, so I will end by saying that I am deeply saddened by the loss of my good friend. I pray that his family finds strength during this difficult time.


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                      Shocking and depressing news. What can on say, except that he'll be terribly missed from these boards.


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                        That is very sad news. Robert Linford was obviously one of the most gifted and productive researchers to have contributed to Ripperology, both here and on Casebook.


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                          I´m so sorry to hear this! Rest In Peace.


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                            Terrible news.

                            Robert helped me out more than once. He was a gifted researcher and a very clever genealogist, but, more importantly, he was a nice person with a great sense of humor.


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                              I have a tremendous amount of respect for Robert. He was an incredibly astute man, who had a real gift for research. He also had an uncanny knack of getting to the root of the many mysteries that surround this case. All his responses were peppered with his usual and unmistakable wit. He always got me thinking!

                              Thanks, Robert.


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                                One of nicest men that I ever had the honor to know.

                                Rest in peace my friend, I will miss you.