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Double Event Anniversary--119 Years Today

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  • Double Event Anniversary--119 Years Today

    The grave of Jack The Ripper victim, Elizabeth Stride, who died at 1am on 30th September 1888.

    If you look up this URL ( which Phil Hutchinson filmed,as well as ones on Polly Nichols,Mary Kelly,and the second "double event" victim,Kate Eddowes on separate URL's at You Tube...), you'll see the gravesite of Liz Stride.

    Phil ain't just a pretty face and we thank him for filming the sites.

    R.I.P. Mrs. Stride & Eddowes....

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    I thought of the date when I retired last night and the fact the day of the week matched precisely. Gone, but definitely not forgotten.



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      We're about 24 hours away from the 133rd anniversary of the Berner Street and Mitre Square tragedies. The brief youtube footage of Stride's grave (shown on Post One of this thread) is a pleasant dedication to her.

      It's appropriate to take a moment to visit her. The film serves as a reminder that these victims really did live long ago and deserved a better fate.