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Jumbo, The Calgary Ripper

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  • Jumbo, The Calgary Ripper

    Vancouver Daily World
    April 13, 1889

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    This was William "Jumbo" Fisk who was arrested for the horrific murder of a fifteen year old native girl. The wounds were not caused by a knife but were internal injuries to the vaginal canal caused by Fisk's hand. Fisk went to the police and informed them of the death and he was arrested. At trial it was pointed out that the girl was a prostitute who had gone willingly with Fisk; that the wounds could have been caused by what we would now call "rough sex" (laughable) and that Fisk had been drinking at the time and that he had turned himself in. He was found not guilty, which caused some outrage. He was later, however, retried and found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to fourteen or fifteen years in prison. Whether he served all that time I don't know.



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      Thanks Wolf...
      I wonder what they came up with to have a second trial if the first one's verdict wasn't satisfactory.