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An intriguing little puzzle.

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    Thanks Magpie.


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      Originally posted by Magpie View Post
      Sorry for taking so long. It's been a bugger of a week.

      Okay, I'll cover the parts y'all managed to get, which is everything except the Parson's path.

      So yes, the gems are morse code (blue for dash, gold for dot) They start from the Magpie (La Gazza Ladra) and ends at the girl's (Banksy's) hand. Parson's path is the order in which to decode the morse letters, and the Parsons in question is Jack Parsons, famous rocket scientest and, more importantly for our purposes, the most famous disciple of Aleister Crowley. His "path", therefore, is Thelema, one of the most recognizable symbols of which is the "unicursive hexagram". This will spell out the answer: M A G P I E (congrats, Anna, you guessed it right off)

      It's been impressive watching you figure it out. Hopefully the solution is not too much of a disappointment.
      I don't deserve any credit for that. I like Rossini & we have lots of magpies all over out here. I just looked at the picture. The only Morse Code I know is ... _ _ _ ...

      That's an interesting and complex puzzle. My original answer also has some validity and I am still amazed how Parsons Way, Tunguska, etc. can all be reasonably linked.
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