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Mystery Of The Mutilated Cats In Edmonton

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  • Mystery Of The Mutilated Cats In Edmonton
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    That is very interesting and it still sounds suspicious but I am not in a position to guess what Canadian coyotes might do. Here on the Idaho/Oregon border, coyotes prefer cats to any other prey if they can get them. But here, the cats disappear at night when coyotes are around or maybe a paw or two will be found the next day. I am surprised coyotes supposedly made extremely clean, fine cuts or left bisected remains. Guess Canadian coyotes aren't as hungry as our desert coyotes.

    Out here we have also had some of the larger livestock mutilations that have been so mysterious. I have seen a couple of those a while after the events. It does look like parts were surgically removed but those are also parts that a predatory canine might target.
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