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    Excellent article!

    Not to mention that even IF it could be absolutely proved that Catherine Eddowes' DNA and Aaron Kosminski's DNA were present, there is absolutely NO way to prove he was JtR or that the shawl even collected the relevant DNA during the murder! Most frustrating to me is there seems to be NO record of the shawl existing during the investigation of the murder of Kate! I cannot imagine it being found as is said and not being acknowledged somewhere in the record.
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      Both geneticists said they were surprised the study passed peer review before publication.

      “I personally have no idea how it managed to get through the review process because it’s such poor science,” King said. “It’s not a particularly robust study that they’ve done.”

      She apparently has been living in a bubble. And don't get me started on 'climategate' where 'scientists' deliberately cooked the books to get a favorable result.
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