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Dr. Osler & Neill Cream

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  • Dr. Osler & Neill Cream

    Just finished watching a few episodes of the Murdoch Mysteries and then started in on the newspapers.

    First article I came across in Reynolds's Newspapers ( July 3, 1892) contained a mention of a Dr. Osler. One of the episodes of the television series I just watched is a story revolving around the same doctor. Neill Cream isn't in it or even mentioned.....Osler removed Cream's name from the graduates list at McGill University.

    "Dr. Osler Regrets"

    Dr. Ogden's mentor, William Osler, makes the papers when his tongue-in-cheek suggestion that all men over the age of sixty should be euthanized with chloroform is printed as fact. Despite initially dismissing the reports as sensationalist nonsense, Osler's words soon come back to haunt him when a killer starts chloroforming elderly men.

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