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Is Our Growing Obsession With True Crime A problem ?

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  • Is Our Growing Obsession With True Crime A problem ?


    From April of 2019
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    I wish people would stop calling it True Crime.

    There is not much interest, relatively, in fraud cases, theft, endangered animal smuggling, environmental crime, and so on.

    True Rape, True Murder, True Torture and so forth is more apt.

    Which doesnt sound as hobby-tastic as True Crime but there ya go.



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      There are more and more reports of armchair detectives or keyboard detectives actually helping solve crimes. I believe the internet is a massive global brain each one of us is a neuron.

      What Mr. P. says is true but other crimes are covered. Another genre of true crime is disappearances, usually of children. Here again keyboard detectives can help though at times they are harmful.

      People follow true crime for a number of reasons. I think it is a little like pornography though true crime has more intrinsic value. Anyway, lots of people enjoy some level of pornography but some of those people are obsessed with it and seek harder and harder porn for the emotional impact. I am sure some people seek the most depraved true crime for titillation. The worst of these fantasize about "killing more than Bundy did," for example.

      True crime is like any other emotional subject. Getting good or bad from it depends on how you approach it. The important word in the article is obsessed. If a person is going to be obsessed by something hopefully it is for positive reasons.
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